The Heaviness of a Wednesday


Tomorrow is the ultrasound to check my lining to see if we are ready to proceed with the FET next week.  Ultimately, this is not a major appointment, as we are either ready and add progesterone now or we go longer on estrogen and back up the transfer date.  At least, that’s what I have gleaned from my internet reading.  I wasn’t really given any guidance from my docs office.  They won’t be doing any bloodwork to check for estrogen levels, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  My internet reading has me thinking that most women have bloodwork to confirm that their estradiol levels are good when doing an FET cycle.  I called yesterday to find out about blood work but couldn’t even get to talk to my nurse.  They just said I am not scheduled for any.   So I guess I will just have to discuss it with them tomorrow.

I am all nerves about next week.  I just keep envisioning getting there on Wednesday for the transfer only to find out that none of them survived the thaw and that our chances of having another baby are ended right then and there.

We use donor sperm and all that exists in the world from our current donor, who is the one we used for our son, is a single vial that we have remaining.  But, after investing in 2 cycles of IVF, we are left with no money to pursue a final cycle using that last vial if we get to that point.

Next week feels big.  It feels heavy.


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