IVF Update


IVF update. Egg retrieval was Friday. They got 7 eggs. 5 fertilized. Got a call today and one of the ones that fertilized is already showing signs of being genetically abnormal. They are freezing it anyway since we are having preimplantation genetic diagnosis and if by some chance it makes it to a Day 5 blastocyst, we’ll get the PGD done just to make sure. So, basically after one round of IVF, we have 4 fertilized eggs that appear normal at this stage. None have been grown out to embryos yet – we are doing another round of IVF before we grow them out and send them off for genetic testing. In October, I start the stims all over again for round 2 and I think I’ll be on either a higher dose from the get go or a lower dose for more days….


(Originally posted in LJ)


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