Follie Sadness

So, I had a follicle check for the IVF today. Very disappointing. There are 7 mature. That’s it. There are a few more that might make it, but not likely. If the meds weren’t so god damn expensive we would have just cancelled this cycle. Instead, per the doc’s recommendation, I’ll have the retrieval on Friday and they’ll freeze up everything that fertilizes right away. Then in October we’ll do another round of stims and another retrieval. Then we’ll thaw the others, grow everything out to 5 day blastocysts. Everything that makes it to 5 days will be biopsied and the cells will be sent off for preimplantation genetic diagnosis. We’re hoping for a transfer in December.

This all terrifies me because this is it – our last attempt. What if all of my eggs are bad? Or what if we only get like 7 the next time, too? That gives us very little chance. I know we only need one, but I’m not convinced that we’re on track to get one at this point.

(Originally posted in LJ)

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