Some of my test results from the recurrent miscarriages have started to come back. Everything was normal until one of the blood tests last night. I apparently am homozygous for the A1298C polymorphism. So without seeing my doctor yet for some interpretation of what this might mean to me, my own research shows that it seems to mean that I have 2 defective copies of the same MTHFR gene, which impacts metabolism of folic acid and is a form of thrombophilia and can cause blood clotting. Now, the research I find is mixed and I cannot yet tell if this particular mutation is high risk. But it has been known to cause pregnancy loss. Most people with this mutation end up and mega doses of folic acid along with Vitamin B. Some also end up taking blood thinners like Lovenox and heparin during pregnancy.

Looking back, I think I did take extra Vitamin B with my son, but now I am wondering just how lucky we might have been with him.


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