I should be working on photography, but I am feeling a little burned out. Not that it matters, I have to do it anyway. But I am procrastinating.

My body has shocked me by actually having a period not brought on by birth control pills, progesterone supplements, a failed pregnancy attempt or some other hormonal manipulation. it just did it. On its own. That’s a very unusual situation for me. And so when I had a chocolate craving today, I had a brownie. Now that this happened, I’ll be going in for some kind of saline contrast ultrasound this week to make sure my uterus is ok – no scar tissue, fibroids or other abnormalities that would be causing my miscarriages. That also explains why I haven’t been able to lose any weight this past week. I never lose weight in the week before my period, no matter what I do.

I have to admit, it’s been such a refreshing time to be focused on running and smaller clothes, as opposed to worrying about all of the fertility stuff. I get stressed out just thinking about doing it again. But it’s this or accept that we’ll only have one kid. Which I’m not ready to do. So, I’ll deal with the stress.

I found a place not too far away that I might go to for a few days. It’s a meditation and yoga retreat space. It’s completely off the grid, which I like. I need to check into it a little more before I decide, but a yoga/meditation retreat sounds awesome. Plus, it is very, very affordable.

 (Originally posted on LJ)

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