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Genetic Results


We got the fetal genetic test results back from the last miscarriage today. It was chromosomally abnormal – trisomy 22. This particular genetic defect is considered “incompatible with life”. So, there was no way that pregnancy was ever viable.

Still waiting for the results of my own chromosome analysis, but will likely be going to see a genetic counselor to talk about 2 consecutive genetically abnormal fetuses, with different defects and what that means. I’m not sure what I hope to glean from genetic counseling, but it has been offered and if it’s covered by my insurance, why not? More data will help us make a more educated decision.



Some of my test results from the recurrent miscarriages have started to come back. Everything was normal until one of the blood tests last night. I apparently am homozygous for the A1298C polymorphism. So without seeing my doctor yet for some interpretation of what this might mean to me, my own research shows that it seems to mean that I have 2 defective copies of the same MTHFR gene, which impacts metabolism of folic acid and is a form of thrombophilia and can cause blood clotting. Now, the research I find is mixed and I cannot yet tell if this particular mutation is high risk. But it has been known to cause pregnancy loss. Most people with this mutation end up and mega doses of folic acid along with Vitamin B. Some also end up taking blood thinners like Lovenox and heparin during pregnancy.

Looking back, I think I did take extra Vitamin B with my son, but now I am wondering just how lucky we might have been with him.


I should be working on photography, but I am feeling a little burned out. Not that it matters, I have to do it anyway. But I am procrastinating.

My body has shocked me by actually having a period not brought on by birth control pills, progesterone supplements, a failed pregnancy attempt or some other hormonal manipulation. it just did it. On its own. That’s a very unusual situation for me. And so when I had a chocolate craving today, I had a brownie. Now that this happened, I’ll be going in for some kind of saline contrast ultrasound this week to make sure my uterus is ok – no scar tissue, fibroids or other abnormalities that would be causing my miscarriages. That also explains why I haven’t been able to lose any weight this past week. I never lose weight in the week before my period, no matter what I do.

I have to admit, it’s been such a refreshing time to be focused on running and smaller clothes, as opposed to worrying about all of the fertility stuff. I get stressed out just thinking about doing it again. But it’s this or accept that we’ll only have one kid. Which I’m not ready to do. So, I’ll deal with the stress.

I found a place not too far away that I might go to for a few days. It’s a meditation and yoga retreat space. It’s completely off the grid, which I like. I need to check into it a little more before I decide, but a yoga/meditation retreat sounds awesome. Plus, it is very, very affordable.

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I had my bloodwork today. 9 tests, 7 LARGE vials of blood and a stick in each arm. I’ll be shocked if they did the right tests. The people at the lab had to call people at a different lab to help them know what to do with the tests (she was on the phone 30 minutes trying to figure it out). I had some that aren’t very common, I know – but they are still preprinted on the lab slip, so clearly they aren’t THAT out of the ordinary. But, at least they called someone for help and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, so maybe they did get it right.

It will take 2-2.5 weeks to get back the chromosome analysis. I would almost have the results back by now if my docs office had gotten the prior authorization in a timely manner. Which they didn’t. Which, I suppose, isn’t surprising. My doc expected to have it back around now, though. Very frustrating.