Stay Busy. Just Stay Busy.


Staying so busy at work today really helped the time pass more quickly. Not so much time to think. Not so much time to test my boobs every 5 seconds and see if they still hurt as much or maybe not as much. Are my boos still as big or have they gone down a little? Am I nauseous or is it in my head? Am I exhausted? Are the signs getting weaker? This waiting game is definitely crazy-making. Even though I am not letting myself have total freak outs now, which helps, I’m still driving myself crazy. Today though, I was pretty much in back-to-back calls and meetings all day and I was getting a lot accomplished. It helped to have so many people needing my attention and input. I stayed occupied.

Tomorrow is not such a busy day. But fortunately tomorrow is the last day we have to get through before we have the follow up ultrasound to see if there is a heartbeat.


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