Turner’s Syndrome

My OB called me today. She finally got the results of the genetic testing from the miscarriage in February. The baby had Turner Syndrome. So, only one X chromosome, as opposed to the normal XX or XY. So, it would have been a girl and she would have had some issues. Apparently a lot of Turner Syndrome babies miscarry in the first trimester – this is not uncommon. The good news is twofold. 1) There is nothing wrong with my body that caused the miscarriage. 2) It’s not a genetic defect that increases the likelihood of having another pregnancy with the same condition. And I suppose the third piece of good news is that we did not find this out in prenatal genetic testing and we were not faced with making a decision.

The current pregnancy seems to be hanging in. Aside from my daily freak outs about the spotting, it is hanging in. I set new parameters for myself. I am not allowed to freak out about spotting unless it happens 3 consecutive trips to the can or it gets heavy and it’s not spotting anymore. I just have to calm down – the last 2 weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs. I cannot change whatever the outcome will be and I need to stop freaking out all the time. It’s making me crazy. And I am becoming reclusive because I am feeling so emotional and up and down, that I just don’t want to subject other people to my crazy.


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