No Roller Coasters Here Today

Not a freak out, just an observation. Last time I had my miscarriage, right around the time they said the baby’s heart had stopped beating, in hindsight, I could see that some of the pregnancy symptoms had started disappearing. It wasn’t obvious to me at the time, but I can see it in hindsight. The first major thing was my exhaustion faded. Suddenly I was able to stay up until 11 PM again without having to hold my eyes open.

Tonight is the first time since I got pregnant this time around that I have been able to stay up this late without feeling like death. Just an observation. It could be because I slept SO much over the past 4 days. Or, it could be a real observation about changes. I’m not interpreting it (see how I am trying to not be roller coastery and maintain my sanity?) – I am simply observing and recording.

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