Slow Rise


Yesterday’s HCG was up to 887. Still rising and still too slow. My progesterone was good – 39. Going Friday for an ultrasound to see if it’s ectopic. Slow rising HCG can indicate ectopic. But, less likely since my progesterone is normal – usually low progesterone is also associated with ectopic. I also haven’t had any real bleeding. I had the one incident of very, very , very, slight pink yesterday which sent me mentally spiraling into misery – but nothing since. I finally got to speak to the doctor yesterday. There are 3 potential outcomes at this point – none of which are a surprise. 1) Ectopic 2) Impending Miscarriage 3) Normal pregnancy with low rising HCG . Number 3 is the least likely, and Number 1 is next least likely given my progesterone and lack of bleeding. But, we are going to try to rule out number 1 on Friday since if it IS ectopic, I need to have it taken care of ASAP. Otherwise, just have to wait and see. There is really nothing else to do. I am convinced this is not going to end well and about every third day I freak out about it. Today was a much more calm day. Tomorrow damn well better be calm – it’s my birthday and I don’t want it ruined. Friday we will return to our regularly scheduled freak out.

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