I’m doing some wallowing. It’s so unfair. I try not to let myself get wrapped up in how unfair life is. But I am having a moment. I had another blood test this morning and I am just waiting for the results later today. I have no hope though.

It’s so fucking unfair. Why is it that people like my brother can just pop out baby after baby after baby that they have no money or patience to take care of? People who neglect their kids can keep having them? It’s just not fucking fair. I am a good mom. My kid is so well cared for, well loved. Gets plenty of attention and such. I focus on raising a healthy, happy child with kindness and understanding. Why then, does it seem that I cannot have another baby, when people who are suck ass parents just keep popping them out? Why do the Nadya Suleman’s of the world carry and birth 14 babies that they can’t take care of and I can’t get a single sibling for my little guy?

So, today I am wallowing. Unfair is getting to me today.

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