Monthly Archives: April 2011

10% And More!


I’ve lost 26 pounds since February 15. I’m also down a few sizes in clothes. I pulled out my clothes from 2003 and all of them fit except a few shits and one pair of jeans. I need to drop a few more pounds and they will all fit.

Too bad there weren’t any work clothes in that bin of clothes because my work clothes are just hanging off of me, now. And I don;t have the money to go buy new work clothes right now.

But, I am really, really happy with my progress. Only one person other than my wife has said anything and I could have kissed her for mentioning it. I didn’t….that might have been awkward….but I could have. I’ve been working hard, so to have some else acknowledge it unsolicited was very, very rewarding.

My OB told me that I should try to lose 10% of my body weight before TTC again and given that I wanted to be on such a tight timeline, I really didn’t think it would happen. But it did! I hit that 10% mark and more!