Today I got a package. A friend made me a pillow. The card said, “Something soft for when shit gets hard.” One of the best sentences ever written. I love it. And the timing was perfect because it arrived the day of my D&C post-op. The day I had set for myself as a benchmark that by this day, I should have some notable improvement mentally from the miscarriage. And I did. And this was a sort of tangible thing that helped me really feel like the healing is real.
It hit home today how much love has come my way since this all happened. People, both near and far, have gone out of their way to be there for me. To be thoughtful, to be loving, to be good friends. Each act of kindness taken on its own has been meaningful and appreciated, but today when I sort of finally thought of them all together, as a whole big batch of love – it was a little overwhelming. In a good way.

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