Well, in 8 days I have lost about 6.6 pounds. I know this isn’t particularly healthy. It’s a lot – fast. But, I am watching my carbs and I’m generally too emotional to eat real meals. When I do eat, I make sure it’s healthy and food on my eating plan. I was doing really well having green smoothie for breakfast and lunch and then a reasonable dinner. I am at a conference this week though and that’s not a feasible plan. So, I’ve been having fruit for breakfast, a light lunch and then dinner. I’ve been avoiding sugar and other simple carbs. My doc allows me to have as much fruit as I want, avoiding bananas and cherries.

I’m also on metformin for PCOS. And I asked my GP about my blood sugar. So, I’m monitoring my blood sugar a couple of times a day now to see how it’s going. My doc thinks I might be having lows because of the dose of metformin I’m on. I don’t think that’s an issue. I am more concerned about it being high.

Today for lunch I had a slice of chicken breast, some arugula salad, and 2 olives. I think that was around 12:30. I drank water. I tested my blood sugar at 7:30 PM and it was 95. I guess technically that’s not fasting, but it’s pretty close. I think you need 8 hours to be considered fasting. Anyway, 95 seems like it was a bit high to me. I am going to check my AM sugar tomorrow. My doc wants a random assortment of pre-meal, morning and bedtime sugars. Twice a day for 2 weeks.

I also have an appt. coming up with a cardiologist. When I went under anesthesia for my surgery, the anesthesiologist noted that I have a skipping heartbeat. Sometimes I get dizzy/lightheaded when I stand up – that combination of symptoms caused alarm and he said I should get checked.

I swear to God, before I try to get pregnant again, I am going to lose as much weight as possible, have normal blood sugar, and know that my heart is working properly. I’m also going to make them check everything that can possibly be checked on me that could possibly cause a miscarriage. I need to know going into this again that I have done everything, and checked everything, possible to make make sure the next one sticks.

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