I met my goals for today. It took me until 4 PM to meet those two tiny goals, but considering I went to both the shrink and GP, I think that wasn’t a bad result. After dinner, if I can stay awake, I am going to go buy my cups.

I took Little Dude for ice cream after school today. He wanted a milk shake, so I got him a small shake and I got a cone. Well, turns out he got a small shake and a cone. When he finished his shake, he handed me the cup and said, “Here Mommy. You hold my milkshake and I will hold your cone for you.” And because it was so cute and funny I let him get away with it and now he’s full of way too much ice cream. But I won some nice mommy points….and the past few weeks haven’t been easy on him either. He doesn’t know what happened, but he’s been impacted for sure. So, a little (or a lot of) ice cream was in order….

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