To Clarify…


(Originally posted in LiveJournal)


I was just reading back over some old posts and given where I am right now, let me clarify for the universe.  I previously said, “I just want to be pregnant….”  Let me rephrase that in case the universe has experienced some confusion about what I really want.  I really want to be pregnant with a healthy baby that sticks around until it is the right and proper time for it to be born.  Then I want it born without complication, to breastfeed properly,  and to go on and be a happy, well adjusted member of our family.  And I want this to happen immediately.

So, consider any ambiguity clarified.

Otherwise, I am just not feeling well today.  I sort of feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  Cramps, excruciating backache, nausea, pains in my side….. I feel the worst today, physically, than I have yet during this process.


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