Not Good News


(Originally posted in LiveJournal)


My blood test results came back yesterday and they were not good. Last Thursday my beta was 114. Yesterday it was 491. It should have been around 900. I am bleeding a little more today as well. I think I am becoming more certain this pregnancy is not going to stick. I wish it would just be done though if that’s what is going to happen. Every day, every minute that it’s still doing this, I still hold onto some hope even though I know I shouldn’t.

I went to my General Practitioner today. The RE isn’t having me do another blood test until Monday and I wanted one tomorrow. So, I went to my GP and asked her to order one. She agreed so I should have more numbers tomorrow. What I want is 100% certainty. If my numbers are not around 800 tomorrow, that gives me the certainty I need. Then I’ll get another test on Monday and do what needs to be done to get through the rest of the miscarriage quickly.

I really had no idea it would be this hard to go through a miscarriage this early in pregnancy. But it is.


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