(Originally posted in LiveJournal)


Well, found out last Thursday that I am pregnant. I got a positive blood test – my beta was 114 at 18 DPO. My RE office said that is a great result. We have decided not to tell anyone yet because we want to announce it as a surprise – after the first trimester is over.

Yesterday, Sunday, Mother’s Day, I started spotting. Today it has continued – earlier it was kind of heavy and worried me a lot. My RE has ordered more blood work when I get home on Wednesday to make sure HCG levels are increasing and the pregnancy is remaining viable. With as tired as I am, I think it is still going ok, but the bleeding has me very worried.

Tomorrow we fly home from Florida and I’ll get my blood test Wednesday morning. After that, if it looks ok, we’ll schedule my ultrasound for the end of May. Here’s hoping for a good blood test!


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